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MTL Acquires G Jake Allen, 2022 7th Round Pick from STL for 2020 3rd, 7th Round Picks


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whats their goalie prospect depth look like? surprised they moved a goalie, Binnington had an underwhelming playoff. Hes obviously still their guy but mightve thought they want to keep a veteran around.


are they an option for Georgiev on a bridge deal if they trade something for him? they might want a guy who can push Binnington for the starting job while he's on the last year of his deal, before he gets a big raise

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Goalies have no value on the market. It's weird, because you definitely need a good one, but everybody thinks they already have a good one, most teams think they have multiple good goalies, beyond that there's probably 2-3 goalies in the KHL that would have immediate success in the NHL in any given year.


That makes the Georgiev situation both interesting and at the same time, almost meaningless.


I'd run my teams goalies like many MLB teams collect pitching. Get 3-5 years out of them and then discard as they become expensive.

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