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PIT Moves On From Assistant Coaching Staff; Sullivan Remains Head Coach

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Now that I think about this, it could be totally COVID related and people not knowing the state of their finances.


31 Thoughts Podcast has been specualting for awhile that folks' who's contracts are up are going to be in limbo. This could be as simple as they couldn't agree on money and just cut bait. They extended Sullivan last year.

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not sure if anyone else has a subscription to the athletic but this article really shows whats going on in Rutherford;s head (he's pissed)




some rutherdford quotes/quotes fro article (wont do the whole article to avoid copyright)


This was posted just before this news broke:


Although there is zero chance Mike Sullivan’s job is in jeopardy, Rutherford refused to commit to the Penguins coaching staff returning intact next season.


“There is something wrong,” Rutherford said. “Changes need to be made.”


“We get to a certain point in playoff series, and we’re not the same team,” he said. “We don’t have the same drive when we’re up against elimination. It was so disappointing in Game 4. You’re waiting for that desperation. And waiting. It didn’t come in the first period. It didn’t come in the second period. In the third period, it was even worse.”


Rutherford said, given the oddity of this year’s postseason, he wouldn’t necessarily have taken the performance as a red flag if it were a one-year sample size.


“But it’s happened two years in a row,” he said. “There has been a pattern in each series.”


and on Jack Johnson and on Justin Schultz:


“Well, they could have been better,” Rutherford said. “I know everybody picks on Jack and they have for a long time, but I think, in that pairing, Justin Schultz had a lot more to give.”
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