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Wheeler: Rangers' Biggest Draft Need


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For this exercise, I didn?t pretend to know how the NHL season was going to end, whether the lottery system was going to be altered, or how many teams were going to participate in a hypothetical playoffs. Instead, the order here is sorted by points percentage according to the standings at the point of postponement.


13. New York Rangers

Position of need: Forward

Pick: LW Dylan Holloway


The Rangers are the last team that's going to say, "You know what we need more of? Good young defencemen and goalies?" As such, you can all but pencil them in for a forward here. I don't think the position of the forward will be of particular concern to them. They've got Vitali Kravtsov coming on the wing and Morgan Barron as a potential third-line centre but they're not a position to be picky up front. Holloway's speed and physical traits would give their pool a different element, one that players like Kravtsov, Lauri Pajuniemi, Karl Henriksson and Leevi Aaltonen tend to lack. They would've got a good look at him while scouting and evaluating K'Andre Miller at the University of Wisconsin this year, as well.


Alternate scenario: As mentioned above, once this draft leaves single digits, there's going to be a lot of volatility. Other forward names to do some research on if you're a Rangers fan: Dawson Mercer, Hendrix Lapierre, Connor Zary, Seth Jarvis and maybe even Jan Mysak.



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thanks for the post. so hard to read what this kid will be.




on paper that wisconsin team should have been better than 14-20 given some of the high draft picks including ours.

sounds like a poor mans kreider.


i have no clue about any of these kids. given our recent high end selections i'd say its like we are due hitting on one of

these guys for a change.

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NO MORE DEFENSEMEN. If you want to draft them in the later rounds fine but outside of Kravtsov and Andersson (and that's being generous) there's not much NHL ready forward depth. The hope is Morgan Barron will be on this team sooner than later.
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At 13 there wont be a D thats clearly BPA (unless Drysdale is there, but that wont happen) so just get the best forward.


The last 1st rounder is a different story, there could be some solid D?s still at the board, but I hope they use both 1st rounders om forwards(wingers).



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