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Quarantined With: NHL Edition


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You are stuck with them for say, a month.


- One NHL coach (past or present)

- One NHL Superstar (present)

- One NHL media personality (past or present)


Who's your dream team?



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Ralph Kruger: By all accounts just a phenomenal human who can talk about more than just hockey.

Ryan Strome: Needs no explanation

Elliotte Friedman: Would provide tons of dirt to talk about.


We'd never be bored.

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Keenan (I can listen to Cup stories forever.)


Zib (He can spin records when we?re not talkin? hockey.)


Tappen (For when I get tired of the other two! Seriously though, I?d go with Marv Albert for Rangers/Knicks anecdotes.)


I was at my first or maybe second Rangers game and my dad and I parked across the street where the players parked. Marv walked by wearing a full length fur coat with tall blondes on each arm.

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Scotty Bowman (winningest coach in NHL History, 9 Stanley Cups)


Artemi Panarin (Post Instagram videos during these times and scores meaningful goals)


Bob McKenzie (Never get tired of the information he says. When he talks, I'm glued to the TV screen)

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