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Chris Kreider Named as All-Star Replacement for Artemi Panarin


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I was kinda disappointed about CK going instead of Zib....but after reading this, it may be that they are allowing other teams to "test drive" or really taste the product prior to purchase.....he better show some skills and start a bidding war for him.


I can see three or four teams in a long drawn out battle to acquire him.


St. Louis







All these teams and possibly more would benefit from his skill set and make a run into the playoffs.


If he ends up in Boston, he may certainly end up with a cup this year, they are that good.



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Happy for Kreider. He adds "NHL All Star" to his resume which will help him with future contact discussions. Outside looking in, this is a great trade value boost for the Rangers. Win/win.


I can't imagine losing a presence like Kreider but cant wait to see what's in store for the future of this club. Exciting times.

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CK is Grand Champion of Pool Jumping-out-of!


He’s the Ric Flair of that event!


Speaking of Ric Flair...I'm gonna be awful bored the next few days with no NHL, no NFL playoff games and absolutely SHIT on that's interesting. So either it's empty all the Jack Daniels Apple bottles while watching Jaws for the 99,999th time or get the Royal Rumble?




I do like that Jack Daniels stuff....


but I'd absolutely LOVE to see the Undertaker do a run in on Sunday, while eating White Castles on my couch!!! :rofl:

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