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Eastern Conference Standings If 3-2-1-0 Points Format

Blue Heaven

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Slow at work so I decided to see what the standings would be if they were going by 3-2-1-0 format.

( ) = current points

Boston 87 (63)

Washington 80 (65)

Tampa Bay 76 (56)

Pittsburgh 72 (57)

Toronto 71 (54)

NYI 68 (57)

Carolina 66 (52)

Columbus 65 (50)


NYR 64 (46)

Florida 63 (51)

Philadelphia 60 (52)

Buffalo 57 (45)

Montreal 52 (43)


Rangers would be on the cusp of a playoff spot, only 4 points behind the Islanders.

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When I get a slow day, I'm going to figure out what everyone's record is in regulation. It is a far better barometer of the relative strength of teams going into the playoffs, as 3 on 3 and shootout points do not reflect on anything that will do you much good in the playoffs.


However you slice it, the Islanders superior performance in 3 on 3 OT and shootout is inflating their numbers, and I think prudent observers all realize that. They are an absurd 17-12-13 in 42 games in regulation. Doesn't look like a fearsome playoff opponent to me.

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What is it with no loser points?


3-2-1-0 makes me vomit. I might actually stop watching if they switched to it. That’s how much I hate it


Why do you hate it that much? You dont think it drives teams to win in regulation instead of playing for OT or a shootout? I never really thought about it before but now that I am...seems to kind of make sense.

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