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NHL, Disney Streaming Services Debut New ?GameFlow? In-Game Momentum-Tracker


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NHL mobile app users can access GameFlow during or after a game via Gamecenter to follow the flow of a game and track how offensive shot pressure corresponds to goals.


The GameFlow visualization captures the rate of all shots attempted during a game, including goals, missed or blocked shots, and saves. The larger the graph, the more shot pressure a team is generating in the offensive zone. Vertical grid lines are drawn at the NHL average of 55 shots per 60 minutes and twice that, at 110 shots per 60 minutes; markers along the vertical timeline indicate significant milestones during the game.




All app users can tap on these milestones and goals to view the play as a standalone video highlight, and NHL.TV subscribers can also jump to stream the game from that point.





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I pay since I?m out of the area. Well the worth the money to follow the entire league. ?GameFlow? I checked out last night and didn?t like while watching a game occurring live. Now, after the fact rewatching perhaps. It highlighted the Habs heavy push leading to their late goal in the 3rd last night.



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Since when? GameCenter is totally free iirc. It's NHL.tv you need to pay for.
After all the Google searches conflicted, I just downloaded the NHLs crap app and you can see game visualization with highlights but not the full game.


I dunno, doesn't seem like a real valuable tool, though.


Hot take: 4/5 the team with the most offensive pressure scores more goals.

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