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Is Brady Skjei That Bad?


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This is what everyone was talking about in the feedback forum recently. Pure hatred spilling over.
Yea, except it's not hatred. I was joking with a dude I've posted with for 10+ years. So, you're wrong. But whatever.


Forget it, mods, just delete the posts.


We're too far gone for "in the bar" jokes.

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This was actually a shot at me... I’m accused of leaving threads at times. Usually when I feel there’s no constructive conversation but whatever.


Sorry. Let’s move on


Don't feel bad, I leave threads when I've been had all the time, too.

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In all seriousness...


Guy has a ton of potential. He needs to focus on defense. Strictly defense. His smarts and athleticism will compliment that by sneaking in some offense, but his focus needs to be on being a stay at home defender

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I get on Skjei a lot...mostly because he doesn't seem to use his size. I like physical defenseman, and Skjei has the size and speed to be a very good player in this league, in my opinion.


He has the offensive capability, and also the head for the game. I just wanna see this kid play a tougher, more involved type game. Sometimes when I watch him, he seems to not think, and make some bad turnovers at center ice, or while the team is changing lines. I've actually caught that more than a couple of times.


Anyway, I don't think he's "that bad". I actually like his potential, and he's had some pretty good games in the past. I suppose he's going to come into his own, on his own, and Rome wasn't built in a day with this kid.


...again PATIENCE, Ozzy....we'll get there!


I know.... I know!!!

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Poti seems like an increasingly apt comparison. A young defenseman with quite a skill set who ends up just not as good as hoped.


Poti was so frustrating

Great skater and like you said a really nice skill set. Big 6’3” frame. But he played at like 190-200 lbs. Never got much out of his size and had like no muscle. In an era before the game opened up and defensemen needed to be a little beefier.

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I think it?s more about expectation he hasn?t lived up to


When they signed him, a lot of people were hoping he was the next #1 dman. I think the rangers were too.


That ship has sailed. That?s fine. I?m guilty of being frustrated with him but I think you?re right. Expect less.

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