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David Quinn Talks Panarin, Kakko, and the Type of Team He Wants the Rangers to Be


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Your thoughts on the personnel changes the team made during the offseason?


I think it?s just a continuation of what we?ve been doing. Obviously we made it clear what our direction was a year and a half ago, in February (2018), and last year was more of the continuation of putting ourselves in a position to move forward. I don?t know if you want to call it tearing down, but there were still things to be done to put us in a situation where we want to build a team that?s going to compete for the Stanley Cup year in and year out. It?s going to take a little bit of time, so I think the moves we made this summer were just a continuation of what we?ve been doing the last year and a half.


You had a young team last year. You?re going to be a very young team this year, maybe younger. What are the positives and negatives of that? Can you be too young?


I think you can be too young, for sure. The key is, you can be young, but are you young in those critical positions? Down the middle for us right now, we?re young. Very young at the center position. We?re still young on the blue line in some ways. That being said, it gives people an opportunity. There have been plenty of players, especially recently, that have proven that they can play in this league and that they can have success at a young age. We?re hoping that some of the guys that we?re going to have who are young are able to do that.


What kind of a team do you want the Rangers to be?


It?s funny, because we talk about that. What do we want to be? And we want to be exactly what we talked about last year. We want to be a fast physical team that gets in people?s faces and doesn?t sit back and makes life uncomfortable for the opponent. And I think every coach in the league wants that. You don?t ever hear a coach say, ?I want my team to be slow and soft.? (laughs). But we want to be a thorough team. We want to be a true team, too. A big part of having success is obviously striving to be the best player you can possibly be, but it?s all about team success and making some sacrifices. That?s something that we?ve got to continue to build on and instill in our team and in our organization, especially young players. That?s a key component in winning championships and having success.


Kaapo Kakko?


I?ve never seen him live really. I mean, I?ve seen him at development camp. But a guy with an awful big upside. A guy who?s got good size for a kid his age. Can really shoot the puck. Heavy on the puck for a kid his age. You watch the World Championships and he was doing a pretty good job and winning his one-on-ones in those scenarios. He?s a guy that?s going to add offense. He?s a goal scorer, but I also think he?s got the ability to create plays for other people. He?s got great vision and hockey sense, and, again, I don?t want to put too much pressure on him, but boy, I think there?s a chance he can make a contribution quickly.



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Quinn's was a good leader last year. i'm sure he learned a lot making the jump to the show. however this is just as important a year for him as it is for the kids. kid gloves are off for him now and hopefully we will get a better sense of what kind of a coach he is if they are in the playoff mix going down the stretch.


Time for him to start putting a few pelts on his belt.

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