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Which Two NHL Franchises Would Hold the League?s Tag Team Championship?

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In other words, which two teams could produce the best starting lineup entirely out of players who played for both of them?


This idea comes to me from a reader who pointed out a weird fact: You could build an entire 20-man roster just using players who played for the Islanders and the Oilers within a few years of each other. That seems like an extreme example, but we can certainly find a few combos that will give us a strong starting six. So let?s do that. Come on, it?s not like you wanted to work today.


As always, let?s lay out some ground rules:


? For each combo, we?re looking to build a six-man starting roster of players who played for both franchises. That means a minimum of one game ? players who were technically acquired but never suited up do not count.


? We want each lineup to have three forwards, two defensemen and one goalie, but other than that position doesn?t matter.


? Here?s the important part that will mess up the people who don?t read it: For these rosters, you get credit for everything a player did on those two teams only. That doesn?t mean that a player had to have been a superstar for both teams ? Gordie Howe only scored 15 NHL goals in Hartford, but he?d did still be a monster for a Whalers/Red Wings tag team. But Eric Lindros on a Leafs/Stars team? Not great.


A few examples from DGB to get us started:



Forwards: Jaromir Jagr, Mark Recchi, John Leclair


Defensemen: Paul Coffey, Kjell Samuelsson


Goaltender: Ken Wregget



Forwards: Pavel Bure, Todd Bertuzzi, Igor Larionov


Defensemen: Ed Jovanoski, Bret Hedican


Goaltender: Roberto Luongo



Forwards: Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri


Defensemen: Kevin Lowe, Jeff Beukeboom


Goaltender: Cam Talbot



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