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Fill in the Lineup


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I know it's not what they're going to do, but I would go:


Kreider - Zib - Buch

Panarin - Howden - Kakko

Chytil - Lias - Kravtsov

Lemieux - Namest - Fast


Hajek - Trouba

Skjei - ADA

Staal - Fox/Rykov


I'm pairing wings with defense-first centers and letting them worry about the offensive transition game, and giving Hajek-Trouba 10000000% DZS.

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Kreider - Zibanejad - Buch

Panarin - Chytil - Kravtsov.

Strome - Andersson - Kakko

Lemieux -Howden - Fast


DeAngelo - Trouba

Skjei - Fox

Hajek - Lindgren




ADA played the left side a lot prior to coming to the NHL. Pairing him with Trouba would give him a bit more freedom, as well as a competent defensive partner. I?d like to see how Deangelo could play with the increased ice time and responsibility before giving him a long contract, too.


I left the KZB line together. Put Kravtsov with Panarin.

I?d like to see Chytil as 2C, and since they?re probably a bubble team, at best, next season, give him a chance. With Panarin on his wing, you have a great possession player and he?s good defensively, which can take pressure off Chytil and a Kravtsov.

Kakko with Andersson and Strome. Similar styles, although different talent levels. A line that could put up points, play good defensively and be annoying to play against.

Can always switch strome with Chytil.

Imagine having to play against KZB, then Panarin's line, then Kakko's line.

The goal was to distribute some of the talent and youth. I think that Howden line would be a nasty 3rd line/shutdown/checking line in the future, tough to play against while putting up some points.

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Panarin - Zib - Buch

Kreider - Chytil - Kakko

Strome - Lias - Kravtsov

Lemieux - Howden - Fast


Skjei - Trouba

Hajek - Fox

Staal - DeAngelo


Assuming Namestnikov is moved for a can of Sour cream & onion Pringles to create cap room.


Oh shit!!! Gravy!! I love those!!! If we can get that in return for Namestnikov it would be a total winfall!!! :rofl:

Just unloading his contract would be a shot in the arm!!!

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Tho? I would love the idea Fox on our team, if he plays 30 NHL games the 3rd Rd pick we sent to Carolina becomes a 2nd Rd pick?and giving away a 2nd Rd pick in a deep draft could costly.


Zibenajad and Kakko makes sense in that Zibenajad speaks Finnish and will help in Kakkos transition. Same of Kravtsov, he should be put on a line with Kreider or Panarin.






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