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OTT/TOR Working on Zaitsev?Ceci Trade


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All of that, including Brown, to get a million back in cap relief and get an extra warm body for Defence in Harpur.




Not quite. I believe per NHL rules, this is likely to be a 100% cap dump of Zaitsev.


Ceci is coming in at a 4.3 QO and can't make less than 85% of last year's salary through arbitration. He made 4.3m last year; 4.3*.85 = 3.65m. That's the minimum arbitration award possible.


NHL teams have the right to walk away from ANY arbitration decision of greater than 3.5M/y.


Basically, the Leafs will take him to arb, won't care what happens, he'll get awarded something between 3.65 and whatever he asks, and the Leafs will say "thanks, k, bye".

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