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Google WiFi home WiFi system


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Considered it, but read some reviews that complained of connectivity issues and lesser throughput than the competition. I went with the Netgear Orbi RBK50 system instead. It works flawlessly.

Yea I was all gung ho with it until I saw some complaints of speed being reduced. We have Verizon Fios 75mbps(I know, idk how we've lasted this long haha) internet at the house, we were given a free modem/router combo when we initially signed up when we bought the house. I want to upgrade our speed to 300mbps so we have to change the router. Being we will no longer be getting one for free from Verizon I was looking at picking up this router and pairing with the Google WIFi. Due to our second child due next month we were forced to move some things around the house and the router will no longer be dead center main level of house. Its going to be dead center downstairs(split ranch house) but tucked in a closet. Figured the Google WiFi will help spread the signal even better than it is now.

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