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Go Big or Go Home

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Article about moving some of our big name guys for top prospects. Its going to be ugly over the next few weeks with trading away guys we love but the rebuild needs to happen.


True. True. True. It?s all true - go for it Gorton! What wasn?t stated in the article is that we potentially need 6 defensemen!


1. Shatty will be older and slower when we?re finally ready for a run and he could yield a better return now.


2. Staal - lets just say that I don?t expect him to be able to repeat this year?s good play over the next 2-3 years. Someone else needs a ?leader/veteran? in their locker room.


3. Smith...bye-bye


4. McCloud...bye-bye


5. McQuaid isn?t exactly lighting it up defensively, offensively or pugilistically (if that?s a word.)


Wow - I?m at #6 and haven?t gotten to Pionk, ADA it Claesson.


6. Pionk seems to have wheels and a ?shoot now? mindset but his overall defense needs schooling and growth. A trade for an asset might be best or Hartford for an education if it?s allowed via contract/player status.


7. ADA - I?m going to have faith that Quinn & Co. can get his head straight and help him finally become what he hasn?t assembled to date - consistent defensive play and maturity.


8. Claesson seems capable of a 6-7 spot but similar to Pionk?s worth, might be a better bargaining chip going forward.


We seem to have a decent pipeline of D coming up but they?re not all going to be ready next year.


Best of luck to Gorton, his staff, the scouts and to US - the dedicated blue fans. LGR!

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Once they clear the deck the younger players will again have a chance to impress. This’ll mean full-time status for ADA, Andersson, and others. It’ll mean larger roles for Chytil and Buch.


The Rangers really don’t have that much in terms of young players who are ready now. Most of their prospects are still pretty far away from the NHL.

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I don’t think any of those d men will bring back anything to write home about.

Imo “go big or go home” means looking at trading Kreider while he still has term in addition to Hayes and Zuc.

He’s the one trade chip they have that can bring back a really significant return. If the buyer is there I’d consider it.

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