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Curious to See if Flyers Ask Permssion to Talk to Chris Drury


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2. So, where do they look? This wasn?t waking up Sunday morning and suddenly deciding. Scott said they?d been considering it for some time. Holmgren didn?t make it sound like he wanted to keep the job. ?Our goal is weeks, not months,? Scott added, so this will not be an enormous search ? more like a targeted one.


There are some with Flyers connections, including Scott Mellanby and Chris Pronger. Holmgren said Dean Lombardi, already in the organization, will not be a candidate. There is a belief Holmgren wants fresh perspective and will pursue non-Philly blood. Ex-GMs Chuck Fletcher and Ron Francis have already been fingered, and both make sense, although there?s doubt Francis seeks anything more than an advisory position. I figure they have to at least ask Steve Yzerman if he?s interested. Curious to see if Philly asks to talk to Tom Fitzgerald, Mark Hunter or even Chris Drury.


3. Why Drury? It was in July 2007 that Holmgren, in his first full off-season as Philadelphia?s GM, signed Daniel Briere to an eight-year, $52 million contract. When Briere retired in 2015, Holmgren invited him to learn the business. Now, Briere is GM of the ECHL Maine Mariners, who have an affiliate agreement with both the Flyers and the New York Rangers ? who employ Drury, an old friend and teammate.


In an appearance this season on the 31 Thoughts podcast, Briere said he preferred to keep his options open, but a career in management is a possibility. He?s not a candidate for the job. But, after the podcast, one exec reached out to say that Holmgren respects him. If Briere asked, it?s not a stretch he suggests a conversation with Drury. Not sure the Rangers would love that.



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We're not giving a div rival permission during the season to talk to Drury who is now almost #2 in command and just got that job/promotion. So he could be number 3 reporting to Holmgren and an irrational and impatient Scott.


If I was them I'd go after Hunter, but he's a build through youth GM and doesn't match what they seem to want. Why wouldn't they just grab Fletcher and have him work out the big trade they so desperately want AND have him talk Quenville into taking the HC job. That would best match the direction they want to go now.

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