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Milan Lucic Targets Rookie Mathieu Joseph, Gets Ejected; Line Brawl Ensues

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Unfortunately this is why it is perceived that we need a guy like McLoud or McQuaid in the lineup. Since neanderthals like Lucic go so far beyond a retaliatory check (particularly against rookies this year) and there was no one to keep him from continuing to hit the kid while he was down for what seemed like over a minute.


What is to keep an infuriated teammate from proportionally (since he's a rookie) slashing Bouchard's hands, to break one. Or disproportionally, to do it to McDavid? So when Lucic assaults and concusses Pettersson, is it open season on McDavid. It would be if I'm a Canuck.

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Why? Joseph is a scrub and he started it.


Lol, he barely touched the guy, he almost jumped into the boards.


And one hit from behind does not warrant a MMA style ground and pound in 1 minute. Thats assault. The first hit was OK as retaliation, not the rest of it.



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