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Characters Played So Well You Hated Them For Real


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Fiona on shameless?


Why, cause Fiona wouldn't f*ck you? Fiona's dad is a better answer and a great actor. You probably like him though.


Ramsay and Joffrey are too easy to hate, just from the script. Cersai and her father is a more complex hate, they have redeemable qualities but give in to their desire to run anyone over, to rule the Throne. They are probably better actors too. And of course there is the charming Littlefinger.


Junior and Jackie from the Sopranos.


Let's give the movie nod to the greatest current actor. Daniel Day Lewis for the Butcher in Gangs of NY. Some might vote for his character in "There Will Be Blood", which was off-the-charts incredible, but by the end I felt a bit sorry for him.

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