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Beer Deliverymen Prevent a Suicide by Offering the Man a Coors Light


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After dropping off a shipment of beer at a sports bar nearby, Gaebel steered the truck onto the bridge, crossing over the busy highway below. Then, they spotted a man standing on the bridge?s ledge on the other side of the fence.


?I?m thinking it?s either I help this guy or he?s going to jump,? he later told KMSP. ?I gotta keep this guy entertained somehow because if I wait for police, things could be over.?


Anderson kept asking the man questions: Did he want any food? Did the man want to eat something with him? He replied that he wasn?t hungry.

?Do you need any money?? Anderson asked, he recalled to KARE 11. The man said he didn?t.

?Do you want to have a drink with me?? Anderson asked. The man paused.

?Yeah? A beer?? Anderson pressed.

?Maybe,? the man responded.


As the officers continued distracting the man, Anderson rushed to the beer truck, grabbing a 12-pack of Coors Light.


He brought the case of beer to the bridge?s ledge, opened it, and told the man that if he climbed down from there, the 12-pack was all his.




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You could water your plants with Coors Light. VERY hard to get drunk off that stuff.


True, but I was young. I think it was the playoff game in 96' when the Pens destroyed the Rangers 8-2, hat tricks by BOTH #66 and #68. :(


I did hook up that night with a girl, so all was not lost.

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