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Anyone Have Any Good Couch Co-Op Video Game Recommendations?

Ranger Lothbrok

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So me and my buddy like to do things old-school. None of this online headset stuff. We like to pick a day during the week, order a pizza, knock back a few cold ones and hang out on the couch playing video games in the same room. It's been a tradition since we were in middle school, and we've continued it in to our thirties.


Given the trend toward online gaming, there is an astonishing dearth of in-person, so-called split-screen, couch co-op games. For anyone who's looking for something similar, I can recommend the following (all of which we've played through multiple times):



Borderlands 2

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Divinity Original Sin 2


Diablo III


DOS2 is an absolute masterpiece. If you're somebody who's in to the whole Tolkien/D&D genre of epic fantasy, look no further. The first one is fantastic, the second one improves on it in every way. Larian Studios is a relatively small, independent game developer that staked their entire future on the Divinity series and it paid off. I have nothing but good things to say about both Divinity games, and every friend I've recommended them to agrees wholeheartedly. Highly recommend you play through both if you're in to that kind of thing and are looking for a couch co-op game. It's a classic D&D style RPG (dwarves, elves, dragons, magic, swords, etc.). Very, very well done. Highly insightful, incredibly developed (to the point of being too complicated for your average person, admittedly), and tons of hilarious Easter eggs built in.


So all of this being said, we've started to exhaust our options. We've also played through every iteration of the Trine series (these are just good time-killers, they're not going to grip you with the story, but they're absolutely beautiful and have fun puzzles to solve), Rayman Legends (this game is pure, unadulterated childlike madness and silliness, it's one of the ultimate feel-good games if you want to stop being an adult for a few hours).


To give you an idea, Super Mario Odyssey doesn't qualify in my book as couch co-op. Having one player be able to play as Mario's cap doesn't really count. We're looking for games where each player can do their own thing but work toward a common end. The Borderlands series has perfected this art time and time again (you don't even need to be on the same planet as the person you're playing with), and they also come highly, highly recommended if you're looking for a gratuitously explosive, gory, over-the-top Mad Max-esque dystopian future first-person shooter. They're both beautifully, artistically-rendered (very unique character and level art; the use of black borders around everything gives the games a distinct, immediately recognizable and trademark appearance that has come to define the series) and simultaneously just a classic, hilarious looter-shooter type. Nothing better than finding a legendary rocket launcher to stick it to a big boss. Like I said, gratuitously over-the-top and just a damned good time.


So assuming platform is not an issue (Xbox, PS4, etc.), anyone have any recommendations? The only gaming platform I don't own is a Nintendo switch, but me and my friend could be persuaded to split the cost of one if there's a game deserving of it. Any recommendations much appreciated. Keep the couch co-op dream alive, fellow gamers!

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So this isn't a story-gripping game, but Overcooked is a phenomenal couch co-op game if you're looking to just fuck around with a friend for a little bit.


Also, I've been playing Enter the Gungeon on Switch, which is also a good couch co-op game. It's a roguelike game that will frustrate the hell out of you, but it's a ton of fun. Also on PC.

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