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NHLPA Shelved Concussion Support Program Over Privacy Concerns


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In fall 2011, after three former National Hockey League players died prematurely in the span of four months, the NHL Players? Association decided to move forward on a plan: The union would begin a program known as the Concussion Support Network, where active players who had suffered and recovered from concussions and their troubling side effects would counsel other players going through those problems.


The concept never got off the ground.


Rather than forcing players to contact the union if they were feeling depressed or suffering from other symptoms, the Concussion Support Network would see the union add a special section to its players-only, password-protected website. Roughly a dozen players who were willing to be mentors would be listed on the site, along with their contact information, and struggling players could reach out to them directly.


?There are instances where some players have real trust issues and they don't love the idea of contacting the union, thinking there?s now a paper trail to document their problems,? said one of the NHLPA employees who helped develop the support network. ?This would have been a way for a player to get that help without worrying that their details are on anyone?s computer or a spreadsheet.?


But by summer 2013, the union decided to shelve the idea permanently because of privacy concerns, two sources familiar with the matter told TSN.


The sources said union executives worried players who acted as counsellors might use confidential information about their NHL rivals *? sensitive details provided in the counselling program ? against them on the ice. That could potentially leave the NHLPA exposed to a lawsuit.





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Well that's sad. I hope they find an alternative and fast.

I may have been influenced by Carcillo's Player's Tribune videos, via Twitter, but the problem appears to be a lot more severe than the NHL seems willing to admit or address.

Carbomb has been very vocal and put a lot out there: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dan+carcillo%2bconcussions&FORM=HDRSC3

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