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Hockey Nicknames

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You boys need more historical perspective.


Alex "Mine Boy" Levinsky



Larry "King" Kwong

Bryan "Super Pest" Watson

Ching Johnson


As for Knuckles Nilan, one of my favorite memories came when the Rangers traded Igor Liba to LA after only about 10 games with the Rangers. Liba was in tears in the dressing room. When the reporters pointed out that he would get to play with Gretzky, Liba smiled through his tears and said "Igor no want to play with Gretzky. Igor want to play with Knuckles."

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did bobby orr have a nickname?


No. I don't think anyone had the gumption to give him one. His team had enough: Derek "Turk" Sanderson; Johnny "Pie Face" McKenzie; Cheesie Cheevers; Johnny "Chief" Busic (phon.).

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