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NHL Projecting Salary Cap Between $78 and $82 Million Next Season


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So it's around $80m and could go up or down, give or take $2m, depending on negotiations.


I want some of that Vegas entry fee counted as extra cap space! grrrr.

Not happy with the NHL right now.


Anyway to the question of cap. ... just a general thought...As a rebuilding team, we should now be in the drivers seat.

if any of those RFA's we want to keep play hardball, ask beyond what is reasonable, cut 'em loose and backfill with a prospect. Next couple of years are not about contending, unless a freakshow happens, so might as well develop youth.

With surplus at C one of Names, Hayes, or Spooner is almost surely gone? And one of Spooner, Hayes or Names is unlikely to accept #4C role.

Carey may benefit in terms of roster spots from that and remain as 4C? Unless

Zucc I'l like to retain as leadership example and he's talented. He may want to find a contender though?

O'Gara, Skjei and Gilmour are RFA's, Sproul UFA. I'm not sure i want to see that putrid defense replay itself (but i cannot evaluate these young D men, I am not qualified.)

Who's the biggest liability there, weed 'em out?

Is anyone at HFD knocking on the door, are any defensive prospects knocking on the door? Will someone, two or three emerge from camp?

What if we somehow draft a stud defenseman? Is next year too early?

I don't want to give slots to grizzled underperforming veterans and we can't overpay duplicative UFA/RFA. NYR has to be a tad tight-fisted here, IMO, to make sure the future is cap healthy not cap-encumbered. Those are my erstwhile guidelines if I was in the driver's seat.

The team needs to be smart and for foo's sake let's not let another Marchessault slip through our grip (what a colossal cluster!).

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Yeah, it sucks, less teams pressed against it. Less needing to make a move for extra cap.


However, we still have to make sure we are the top destination for 1 or 2 year cap dumps. Maybe a team that wants/needs to make some big signings and need some breathing room. Rangers must use this year's cap space or lose it. This isn't the NFL, no carryover.

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