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TSN's 5-Part Concussion Series: NHL, Under Oath


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Some of this is truly damning:


In a five-part series this week, TSN will report details of the depositions, documents that reveal:


- As of July 2016, the NHL had fined the Montreal Canadiens, the Calgary Flames and a third unidentified team for breaching the league?s concussion protocol. The New Jersey Devils, whom NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in a deposition were not fined, failed to do mandatory preseason baseline neurological tests in 2007 and only did so after the season because of pressure from the league.


- Brendan Shanahan, then the director of the NHL?s player safety department, testified July 22, 2015, that some NHL enforcers reached out to him to say they were afraid for their lives following Wade Belak?s death in 2011. Shanahan testified he had since forgotten those players? names.


- In an August 2015 deposition, Nashville Predators co-owner Thomas Cigarran testified that there doesn't need to be a medical study of NHL retirees ?from a legal or moral standpoint? although he said ?it might be smart business...?


- Lou Lamoriello, then the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, testified in a Jan. 22, 2016, deposition that the Leafs have used a team employee, director of sports science and performance Jeremy Bettle, as an in-arena concussion spotter. (The NHL has not disclosed the names before now of any spotters and the NHLPA told TSN that it isn't the union's place to disclose their identities.)


- When asked if he could think of any reasons why the NHL should not study the mental health of its retirees, then New York Rangers general manager Glen Sather testified, ?Yeah, I could probably think of about two or three million.? Sather went on to say such a study would be expensive.


- Sather testified that neither the Rangers, nor the Edmonton Oilers under his leadership, tracked concussions suffered by players in their minor league systems because ?generally the players are only there for a year or two.? He was unaware if minor-league affiliates had to comply with concussion protocols.


- Daly testified he never asked former NHL Alumni Association president Mark Napier to forward emails *? which Napier did ? revealing how some former players were trying to recruit others to join the NHL concussion lawsuit.


In August 2014, Napier sent Daly an email with an attached letter from one-time NHL defenceman Brad Maxwell, who is among the plaintiffs in the NHL concussion lawsuit. Maxwell?s letter had been distributed to Buffalo Sabres alumni and described a meeting where lawyers and former players discussed the litigation.


- NHL senior vice-president of hockey operations Mike Murphy wrote in an Oct. 6, 2007, email to director of hockey operations Colin Campbell that ?We need to make sure every elbow to the head is not a major penalty. Five-minute majors attract attention. Two-minute minors go away quickly, especially with the media.?





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;929358]I wish I could watch the second video. First one loaded for me. Second one unavailable in my region.


Use tunnelbear to watch it. It?s a solid vpn that gives you a certain amount of data for free. IIRC you can even earn some extra data by doing small things through social media.

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Shanny part of the cover up? fuck that guy.


In part 3, posted today, we hear an excerpt of his deposition. He's reading an email that he wrote when he was the head of DoPS to NHL execs that makes it sound like he's not covering anything up.


Some former enforcers have reached out to me and offered their support to us. They're all scared. Fighting and slashing it not legal; there is a penalty. unlike fighting, howeer, teams don't employ slashers for that simple rule. We could work out the details, but maybe it's time to impose increasing the penalty for fighting. If you fight, you get kicked out. It's only a matter of time before the CHL and other feeder leagues do it. Let's be the first. I believe it's the right thing to do.


And umm, which former enforcers had reached out to you and offered their support and expressed that they were scared.


I forgot


Do you have any other names in mind?


I forgot


So yeah, maybe not mentioning names specifically, but that excerpt from his email is pretty interesting.

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