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Video Tech Q?


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My son built his web site http://www.safride.com on SquareSpace. He purchased a video clip for the home page and has it on YouTube with a link back to his web site. Using MTurk, we?re testing the site having people look for broken links, etc.


About 40% of the respondents say that the video isn?t loading when they go to the site. Any idea why? Or a better suggestion for ?hosting? the video clip so it loads quickly and reliably?


He?s going to use imgur to convert it into a 15-second gif that will loop and see if that helps.

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If I knew anything about our recent migration to a new website, I might be able to offer some better input than this...

But have the people with issues try to resize their browsers, both horizontally and vertically. Get as much info as possible about what happens. Do any new margins appear?

Can they see any of the video's attributes? Their controls? Etc.


We had an issue where our slideshow wasn't displaying at certain widths and had to force it to display a certain way (I believe) in order for it to be rendered properly.

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