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My new pellet grill!


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I really want one. I'm still not entirely sold on their versatility, but for convenience and consistency, I doubt a Traeger can be beat.


Compromises being what they are I recently bought a Weber Genesis to pair with my Weber Kettle.


A gas grill is something I didn't think I'd ever see a use for, I was firmly in the charcoal camp, but the wife wanted some convieniance, so I went nuts a got a Genesis. I looked at Vermont Castings and Napoleon but they seemed risky to me, I just don't think anybody can touch Weber, at any price point.


And wow, it's a winner. Never seen a BBQ that didn't have any hot spot. It's 100% the same temp on every square inch. It's made life much easier that way.


However, I felt my kettle was getting lonely, and I would probably choose the kettle if I had to pick between it and my family, so I picked up a Vortex to pair with the kettle. It cost virtually peanuts, and if you like chicken wings, it can produce smoked/grilled wings that dust anything out of a deep fryer. 100% recommend.


Doing wings again tonight.

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Dunny, do you see yourself using the Weber performer after the genesis?


I was always a charcoal man and had the 22 inch master touch, but then I got a spirit 310 and it’s a game changer. I still smoke all my ribs and briskets on the WSM’s I have, but I can’t bring myself to waste the charcoal and spend 35 minutes waiting for the coal to ash over to grill a burger and a steak for dinner for my wife and I, lol.

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Last night was the 1st time. Did about 60 wings on Performer w/ a Vortex, which is dynamite. Had salmon/asparagus on the gas grill.


We'll be 95% on Genesis, though, for sure. Just the Kettle for smoking.


I'm on the road a lot, if my wife had to use Performer again, it was going over the fence.

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