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McKenzie: Phaneuf Pulled Mid-Game to Faciliate Trade to Kings


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Ottawa wanted to get Phaneuf's salary off the books


But they don't save anything!


Unless there's a handshake deal for MG10 to quit after this season, they're on the hook for like...300k less?


Trade seems nigh pointless for both sides, imo. Not sure I get this at all.

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Gaborik apprently has a higher cap hit but less actual salary.


Melnyk's concern is about costs way more than results


Gaborik's owed just short of 12m. Phaneuf is owed 18m or so, but the Sens held on to 25% of that. For all intents and purposes, the Sens made this move to save $1.75m?


They can't honestly think Nick Shore is worth that.


Don't really get it from LAs end either - the Gaborik contract isn't awesome, but that Phaneuf contract, even w/salary retained, is just...ugly.

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My quick math was a little off. It's more significant. Including what players were owed remainder of this season, #Sens will save $5,455,107 in real cash with the transaction - even by eating 25% of Phaneuf contract. Suffice to say, I think this was the key to the deal.

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