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ARI F Zac Rinaldo Suspended Six Games for Punching Unsuspecting Opponent

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he should appeal. Its obviously a shit play, but one of the oldest union sayings is "if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck and walks like a duck... its a duck". Based on his defense of his reasoning behind his actions... he might get it reduced to 5 games.
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Girard tried to be a half a tough guy. What the fuck did he expect was going to happen? I'd like someone to ask him that question. Because he's a twatwaffle mixed in with Rinaldo's history, that equals 6 games. If Girard just has a yard sale and jumps him like he should have, no one gets anything but penalties. I can't blame DPS here because they were left with no choice from all the crying fans. Shit, these pussies are pissed he only got 6, imagine if it were 2-3?
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