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Friedman | The Rumors are Crazy in Montreal


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?I think he?s been trying to do a lot,? said Friedman. ?Both him and Bergevin, I don?t think it would surprise anybody if they?re probably the two most active guys out there looking to try and get something done.


he discussion on 960 on Friday morning was steered toward trade rumors that ?Bergevin is listening to just about everything,? including potentially Max Pacioretty or Carey Price.


?I think with Carey Price, I think there?s a different dynamic at play here,? considered Friedman. ?And that is ? if you guys know Montreal at all, there is another level to what goes on in Montreal. And that is when things go badly, it doesn?t necessarily become about on-ice, it becomes off-ice. The rumors are crazy in Montreal. And we?ve seen a couple of cases where Galchenyuk, what he might be going through was brought up on the air. Some rumors about Price?s family were brought up on the air.


?If you told me that Carey Price told the Montreal Canadiens he wants out of there, I would believe it 100 percent. If Carey Price is getting traded, I?m not sure it?s a hockey reason. I think it?s an ?I?m sick of this B.S.? reason.





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What'd they win, 20 of them with fewer than 20 teams in the league? A Cup 40 years ago isn't the same as a Cup today.


Totally off topic but it pisses me off that Habs fans point to that.


Ha, yeah I know. I was def being facetious, and even their most recent Cup (93) was played in a different era of hockey.

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