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Ex-NHL Enforcer Chris Simon is Brain Damaged and Broke at 45

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Former NHL tough guy Chris Simon says the millions he made playing hockey are gone and that he?s now surviving on social assistance and disability cheques.

It?s a dramatic picture, painted by Simon himself in court documents, as he files for bankruptcy and struggles with a debt he pegs at more than half a million dollars.


The debts of the former NHL player, who collected more than $15 million US in salary over a 20-year career, include more than three years of missed child-support payments, totalling $128,875 after his hockey career ended due to a knee injury, according to documents filed with the Ottawa family court.


Simon has asked the court to forgive the child-support debt, claiming he hasn?t had any significant income for years and is now unable to work because of injuries suffered during his playing career.


That included symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which he said are ?thought to be attributable to significant brain trauma during his hockey career.?


A doctor reported that Simon ? who was in more than 100 NHL fights, racked up 1,824 penalty minutes and received two of the longest suspensions handed out in the history of the NHL ? also suffers from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and arthritis to his shoulder, hand, knees, back and neck.





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