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Blade Runner 2049 Trailer


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  • 5 months later...

I was kinda let down.



Movie was about an hour too long, with overly dramatic non factor moments that build up to nothing. Despite an awesome opening scene (with Batista), which instantly got me excited, there were not enough bad ass replicants who give the movie any kind of fear factor. Soundtrack lacked THE theme and was obnoxiously loud and annoying. The story was pretty predictable from the get go. No real cliff hanger. Didn't get how hardly nobody else had flying cars.


Was good to see Deckard. A little too slap schticky but that seems to be all Harrison Ford does in these cameo roles. But the scene when he's in the car and about to drown.... Just sitting there... Not trying to struggle or break free, while K is fighting with Luv (bad girl replicant who looks like a tall Bruce McCulloch), and he looks like he's taking a casual shit on the toilet..


It felt like they tried to squeeze the Terminator, Mad Max, and RoboCop settings into a Blade runner movie, when you don't fucking have to. It's Blade runner!


Gosling was good though and I'm never a fan of Jared Leto, but he had some great lines and was good as well. Had a good gritty feel that could have helped the movie hit the spot, but I think it missed. Wasn't terrible. Wasn't great. Barely good IMO


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