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ClearedForContact Forum & Exclusive BSBH Comments


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In an effort to create more synergy between our brands, we?re happy to announce that the comments section at ClearedForContact (CFC) is now exclusively linked to the forum. This means the same account you access BSBH with can be used to seamlessly reply to all the content published at CFC. Simply scroll to the bottom of any article click the link says "Click here to reply to the discussion".


In addition to this, beyond just being able to comment with your BSBH account, the comments section will also be a two-way street between BSBH and CFC. Future articles posted on the blog will now automatically post to the now visible CFC forum. You can interact with them in the same way you would any other thread, except posts made in those specific threads will also display as comments at ClearedForContact.com and vice versa. This section will only display posts from published articles at CFC. If a conversation borne of a published article merits a wider discussion, we can and/or will move it into a relevant section (like the New York Rangers main forum).


With this being tied to your account, I should remind you that the same forum rules apply regarding trolling, flooding, inappropriate language/images, etc.


If you guys have any questions or comments, please post them here.

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