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ABC's 'Designated Survivor'


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Haha, yeah. I like this show, but I can't stop thinking about him as Jack Bauer and hoping he just fucks shit up. I know it won't happen, but a guy can dream.


As for the show, it's entertaining. I don't really know how long of a run it can have since once they're done with the "whodunnit" story, there's not much else to move the plot along. Then it just becomes a shittier House of Cards basically.

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Didn't find a thread about this one.


Has none of you watched it or you just didnt like it? I started watching yesterday and Im hooked! Watched like 8 episodes yesterday, even forgot about the game lol.


I love these kind of series about US politics, maybe because Im not american, I dont know. Anyone else watched it?

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Finished season 3, a Netflix “original”, a few weeks back. It was a good follow up season. It was a bit more raw compared to its previous TV seasons. More language, more sexual content. Unfortunately the most in depth sex scene was two dudes, they showed a lot of that unfortunately. I’d have preferred to see more of Emily or Aaron’s new woman instead of two dudes going at it but it is what it is, just fast forward. Concept of this season was President Kirkman running for re-election.
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