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"Officer" Michael Dowd, 75th Precinct


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I knew a little bit about ex-cop Michael Dowd ('81-92), but I just watched the movie "The Seven Five" and all I can say is HOLY SHIT, I mean HOLYYYY SHIT. I cannot believe the balls on this guy, not just what he did but how he did it and got away with almost everything in the 75th precinct (East New York Brooklyn).


For those who haven't seen the movie::



First off, the guy looks and talks just like Joe Pesci you would swear to god he was part of the Italian mob, but no he was a regular guy who joined the force. And not only was he pocketing cash but he ended up alerting drug dealers on raids, committing burglaries, protecting drug runs, and what just blows my mind and could be the dumbest move in the history of a bad cop decides it's a good idea to start a coke operation in Suffolk. How could he not know he would be busted, what a f'ing moron. I like the last line of the movie though before he goes to his jail cell, "the year wasn't a total waste, the Rangers won the cup!"

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