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Beer League Advanced Stats


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With the recent emergence of advanced stats in NHL hockey (Corsi, Fenwick, Relative Corsi, PDO, Zone Start Percentage), I thought it is important to bring this same type of thinking to my old man beer league team.


Here are the advanced stats I propose we start using to track our team and players:


hockey-PPAPoints Per Ache (PPA)– Considering we had a player miss a game from a neck injury sustained while shampooing his hair, I think this stat could say a lot about a player’s worth to our team.


Relative PPA measures how many people in that player’s family are also in pain that day.


Family Obligations Missed (FOM)– Like some of the new advanced stats, FOM can be interpreted in many ways. While a high FOM indicates a player’s dedication to our team, it also might build resentment at home which could ultimately effect their play.


beer-league-fansFonzi– The average attendance of our game is made up of new girlfriends, bored children and curious octogenarian parents. But these fans are integral to making our games feel important and boosting our egos. That’s why the Fonzi was developed. It measures how many spectators a player brings to each game.


Obviously, read the rest of the article for more BLAS.

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