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American Horror Story: Freak Show


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We were saving this up to watch with a friend as a get together thing. Binge watched the first 3 episodes last night. Unimpressed so far. The clown stuff is fun, but it seems that with each season, it's getting more and more hokey. That's a shame, because there's really nothing else like it on TV and doing a freak show backdrop should be cool as shit.


Instead, we're treated to something that's becoming a bit formulaic. Lang's character is a jealous older woman, past her prime. Paulson is conflicted because she views her self as her weaknesses instead of her strengths. Evan Peters lacks impulse control and is constantly trying to make amends for his mistakes. O'hare is conniving.


It's also becoming the Jessica Lang show. She's a strong actress of course, but to center multiple seasons around her in an anthology gets redundant, especially when her character doesn't change. In fact, they've now reused too many actors as new characters. To the point it's becoming a crutch to character development.


On a production note, the music is too high in contrast to the dialogue. Especially problematic when you have harder to understand characters because of accents.


Finally, enough with the singing. It's a time stall. The show could run an hour if they just kept the singing to a few bars and then fade to next scene.

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It'd be cool if they sort of did the Shining thing...but then again, it won't live up to it.


Like all their other seasons, it will depend how well they write the story, but I can see an interesting dynamic that works having the hotel staff as a constant cast, while the guests kind of filter through. I didn't go to the Shining right away, my head went more to Four Rooms.

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