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Simple Wisdoms


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Share a simple wisdom that hits home for you. If you can't get it out in a few sentences, it probably isn't simple enough.


If you want to discuss these fine, but snarky responses or spam will get an immediate infraction for ignoring staff warnings because I'm staff and this is a warning.


I'll share the one I just stumbled across in the next post.

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"God bless our troops.... especially our snipers." Bumper sticker I saw this week. I've got mixed feelings about war - I'm not a pacificist, but find many military actions morally repugnant. So the message to root for the assassins, when they're on our side was troubling to me. I have great respect for the patriotism, tradecraft, nerves, and skill of snipers - but question the morals of political leaders who send them into harm's way. And it always strikes me as pompous when people want God to intervene on their side in violence, as if he wouldn't care about the other side. Kind of like when athletes thank God for helping them to a big win.
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