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An issue with our dachshund


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My family has had this dog for quite awhile. It was bought like 7 years ago when my parents had pretty good incomes and all.


Now 7 years later, my dad lost his job and shit, my mom is out of work...and it's hard to get by. Even myself, I'm not sure if I can afford the payments.


The dog has been yelping when touched near the belly, but not only there..she's been yelping when we touch near her mouth too. It seems like she's constantly walking around (long periods of time) with her tail way down.


I've been trying to google search it, but you know how the internet is. So, I'm wondering if you guys know any of the following.


1) What it could be? Disc problem? Stomach issues?

2) Is there somewhere I can go that isn't really pricy for consultation and such?

3) I would feel bad if the vet says we could always put the dog to sleep, we all oppose that...is there anyone or any place that may take it out of generosity?


Sorry for the lengthy post. We're all upset about this so we're trying to find the best for the dog as well as what we can financially provide for the dog.

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