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i remember reading the game day thread when we played colorado and someone mentioned that they were 0-5 this season when they attended games.


i'll have you know i'm 4-0 this season and in those 4 games, the rangers have scored 19 goals.

1/12/14 against the flyers. 4-1 win.

1/26 against the devils. 7-3 win.

2/4 against the avs. 5-1 win.

3/9 against the red wings. 3-0 win.


putting that all on paper makes me realize i've only watched them give up 5 goals as well.


so what i'm trying to say is that if you want the rangers to win the cup, buy me tickets. hahahaha

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I'm 0-11-1 all time. Only point I saw was in Ottawa on a late Nedved goal. 2 other losses in Ottawa, 1 loss in Buffalo and 8, yes EIGHT losses in Toronto without so much as a point.


Granted, I watched all my Ranger games between 1998 and the first lockout :p

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All-time? Lindsay blows this out of the water. Her record was ridiculously over .500.


I honestly dunno what mine is all time anymore. I had it written down on my computer somewhere. I think I lost it when you bought it from me haha

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