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Hey Yo: WWE, AEW, Impact and More


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Absolutely, man. The new Impact Wrestling has been fantastic. I've never looked forward to watching it as much as I have been now.


I agree. The new look is very fresh, and really, more professional looking. Something I was hoping they would do for awhile. Everything about it has just gotten better and better.

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I haven't watched this company since the beginning. I started in 2005. But, it's fun to see this company develop over the years and get better and getter, little by little.


I don't see them ever beating RAW or Smackdown in the ratings. But, they're still taking a lot of viewership away from the "big guys", and giving an alternative for those who never cared for the WWE.

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This is true. Now that they've put him in this role, I like him a lot. He has good character. It's also great that we're seeing some of the old X-Division guys like Yang and Lo-Ki coming back to add to the depth of iMPACT even further. It's pretty special. I didn't watch TNA when Lo-Ki was there. I only saw him briefly when he was in the WWE as Kaval. They really shit the bed letting him go back to iMPACT, though. But, it's nice because I'll get to see him wrestle more. He's a lot of fun to watch.
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Nothing spectacular going on, really. I haven't watched WWE in probably a year or longer, but the recent angle they did with CM Punk winning the title and taking it with him as he left the company was pretty cool.


The shoot promo he did on McMahon/WWE weeks ago was fantastic.



TNA/Impact Wrestling bringing back the X Division is pretty fuckin' sweet, too.

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