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Phone as a business and productivity aid


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I'm looking to upgrade telecom, and, if I go the pricey route, it's going to have to earn it's keep. I was surprised to see top Androids priced the same as Apple products. $500-$600, whereas I would prefer to stay under $325, but if the tool does more from the point of speech to text it will earn it's place if I can dictate while in transit. I have been an Apple user for decades but just not phones as the plans were too expensive until now. Not in love with Apple's smallish screen real estate and non-removable batteries, nor their lack of coverage for water damage in the past.


I'd be looking for a phone that would maximize all and any voice-recognition features, recording lengthy interviews and trade shows, reliability, speed and simplicity of operation (fewer navigational pfaffings, and top-notch writing and spreadsheet tools ? maybe use in conjunction with a bluetooth keyboard while on assignment in place of laptop, etc etc.


My current piece is a slow, time-sucking and bloatware-riddled Android LG 670 with minimal disk space (always running out of space as the ability to write to mini card is limited for the main apps.) and annoying email syncing issues. I use Macs for laptop home and desktop at work. I have g..mail and i..Cloud accounts. and a bunch of iTunes (as old skool as that may be).


So ? any feelings iPhone or Android either way. (I plan to probably use T-mobile, Virginmobile does not have 4G in Nassau County and I'm sick of the slowness.)

Any favorite productivity apps?

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Siri is worthless.


Not sure how dragon dictation is, but it was a great app for me 3g


Thanks Josh.

also has to fit standard waterproof and shock covers (cycing and watersports), so that limits to some of the best-sold models that have lifeproof options.



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