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Bear Grylls Returning to Discovery in New Show, 'Escape From Hell'


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The Bear is back! Adventurer Bear Grylls is returning to Discovery Channel with a new series: Escape From Hell. The program has the survival expert telling stories of ordinary people who were stranded in real-life dire situations, and then pits himself against some of the same dangers and scenarios — from avalanches to sand storms.


Escape From Hell marks Gryll’s return to the cable network that was his home for five years on Man vs. Wild, which concluded in 2011. Last summer, Grylls survived a summer trek to one of the most perilous entertainment environments on the planet — NBC — for his reality show Get Out Alive (no decision yet on a second season, NBC says).


“I am super excited to be working with Discovery again – the channel where the Man vs. Wild journey began,” Grylls said in a statement. “Escape From Hell, and any future endeavors, will be intense—but that’s where the fun is! Man vs. Wild took me to some of the toughest climates and terrains out there, and this new series is an exciting evolution of that. The aim is to follow incredible real-life survival stories and demonstrate dynamic life-saving know-how along the way.”


Escape From Hell starts very soon — there’s a special premiere on November 11 and then it will move to its regular time slot starting Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 10 p.m.







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Which show, Get Out Alive? I couldn't watch it. I don't care about other people. I care about Bear. I only wanted to see him, not that generic reality format where they have show contestants just talk about "how they felt" every twenty seconds.
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No, Man vs. Wild. When it "came out" that the show was staged and Bear really didn't have to survive in the wild for 6 days, there was an uproar which eventually led to MvW getting cancelled. If you actually watched the show, it was never insinuated that he did the Survivorman-esque survival. He simply made the show to engage in scenarios that you might find in the wilderness and show you how to make the best of them/get out of them.


It was stylized and staged, but that was never a mystery from the start. The people with the pitchforks forgot to take the show for what it was worth. And I think MvW really suffered when they tried to save face.

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Lol you guys are giving this guy way too much credit. Just one example:




During the famous Letterman interview, he admitted that those were horses that were brought in by the crew from a local farm or whatever. He completely mislead people from the start and his ratings deserved the blow they got.


And if that was a wild horse, why in the fuck would you get close to it no less try to jump on him and ride him. It doesn't work that way. Probably the dumbest thing you could ever do in a survival situation. Its like oh look theres an elephant. Surely if I climb up and hang onto his ears, he'll fly me to safet.... oh that didn't work now I'm dead.

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