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Wikipedia's Terminal Event Management Policy


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The intention is humorous, but the time put into this and some of the plans coined are extremely interesting to mull over.




The Terminal Event Management Policy (TEMP) is an official policy of Wikipedia detailing the procedures to be followed to safeguard the content of the encyclopedia in the event of a non-localized event that would render the continuation of Wikipedia in its current form untenable.


A Level 1 warning indicates that a global event, of such magnitude that the continued operation of Wikipedia is considered untenable, has happened or is likely to happen within 10 minutes. The template for this is colour-coded in black. In the event of a Level 1 warning, Wikipedia shall operate in a read-only mode and editors are asked to:


continue archiving for as long as possible until either:

1) Wikipedia ceases to be viable and service is terminated

2) Local internet access or power is lost or other circumstances deem this course of action unwise. If possible, editors may continue to create archives from cached versions of pages stored on their computers


Pretty awesome they allow this to be online on the regular Wikipedia.




Phil, what's the BSBH Terminal Event Management Policy? :D

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