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Man Dies Trying to Transform Into Super Saiyan


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Translated link.


Who has not tried? Who has not tried in the privacy of his room or the bathroom to transform into Super Saiyan, this famous type overpowered warriors from the manga and cartoon Dragon Ball bringing an entire generation? Well it seems that a new attempt of a fan of the series has ended in tragedy because, after desperately trying to get him as a legendary warrior, Valentin Guestre, living in a thirty Rouen Seine-Maritime was found dead home due to a ruptured aneurysm. Autopsy confirms that potentially hypertension caused by his failed transformation that is the cause of his deaths.
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Shame on you who don't know what a Super Saiyan is. For God's sake, there's 4 levels of Super Saiyan!


Anyway, that was a joke. DBZ just happened to be popular at the time I was growing up, so I was way in to it. I never tried to go Super Saiyan, but I DID attempt to create a Spirit Bomb by holding my hands over my head and drawing on the life force of nature and all that is good in humans. What actually ended up happening was me standing in my backyard for about 10 minutes with my hands over my head, and nothing else. That's not the part that amazes though. What amazes me is how little I thought it through. I mean, if it had actually worked, what the hell was I going to do with a Spirit Bomb? It's not like I had any supervillains to contend with at the time.

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