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Went to my first Ranger game yesterday

Gunnar Stahl

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Excited to say I enjoyed my first Ranger game, and my first trip to the garden yesterday. It was a total blast! Seeing the guys in person and hearing the famous goal song over the speakers was very inspiring and got the crowd pumped after a scary early goal by the caps. Before the game I checked out Cafe 31, which I heard mentioned here a few times. The place was awesome! I tell ya, living in PA and being used to a sea of flyers orange it was an amazing feeling to walk into a place and see a flood of Ranger jerseys, hats, and hoodies all enjoying food and beer. I felt very at home :D


Some cool things to note about the live audience:


The crowd came alive whenever Nash had the puck, or Cally was on the ice. They really bring energy.


Henrik was well... Henrik! Everything I expected from seeing him on TV.


Hags is growing quite a following. I actually heard someone tell "SWAGLIN" after his goal haha


HUGE Ovi sucks chant. Also whenever he had the puck the crowd was gasping.


All in all it was a great time and this thread serves no purpose other than to share my excitement of going to a game like so many people here do on a frequent basis. I hope to see another this year. The seats werent bad either. Section 221, Row 13, Seat 3 :cool:


Snapped a shot of the victory salute...


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Hehe, just kidding. I was on Iceland for a good 30 minutes of my life. The most frantic lay-over ever on a flight from JFK to Amsterdam.


I should go back, the views from the plane made the country look... almost alien. Like a different world.

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