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People Who Don't Like Hockey Have Never Been to a Game

Saucy Mitts

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Took my hetero lifemate to a game a couple years ago. We had some beers at Mustang Sally's before the game then grabbed our seats in the 100s. Don't remember much of the game, but the dude bought a Henrik Lundqvist tshirt the next day. Been a pretty casual follower since, and he lives in Virginia. Reps the blue in Caps territory, which is great.
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Absolutely true. I've taken five different people to hockey games now, all of whom talked about how they didn't watch it, or said it was too difficult to watch on TV, boring, etc.


All five are fans now, and three of them now own multiple jerseys, etc.

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I've taken a few friends to games, and it just never caught on with them.

You like what you like. They like their NFL and NBA.


However my best friend was never a hockey fan, then I took him to his first game (playoffs in 1996 against the Penguins) and he absolutely loved it, and you can say now he might be a bigger fan than me and goes to more games than me. Mind you before that early May 1996 game he would only casually watch games when I watched them, and had not a care in the world about hockey. Now every time I see him he's the first person to talk Rangers.

It also spurred his brother to like hockey after he took him to a game, and he even started playing hockey once he got to high school.

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It worked for me. I had never seen a hockey game in my life, not even on television, before I went to see the Rangers with friends who took me the game as a surprise. Within mere minutes I was so captivated by the game and the atmosphere - Henrik's first NHL career shutout - that I was in love.


I still love all the sports I loved back then, but there's just something magical about the sounds, sights and smells of hockey.

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You will love this....

One of my 3 assistants is in his 2nd year coaching with me, (2nd year coaching anything).....


He normally ref's CCHA games, and each year does Nationals for U16, U18, etc.

We just got done with our U12 comp game, (another this afternoon)....


I have NEVER seen a coach SOOOO hard on ref's!

It's comical.

He gets so frustrated, (how they do faceoffs, one couldn't keep up with play, one dropped puck for faceoff while other ref was talking to scorekeeper, etc)...

He literally goes bonkers at them.


And I get to set back and just smile and say...."....not so fun on this side of the bench is it" :)

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