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Anyone else a victim of high winds last night?

Ranger Lothbrok

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Well...this sucks. Apparently Sandy had loosened one of the biggest trees on our property, and the high winds ripped it right out of the soil. Which way did it fall? You guessed it: right on the power wires. Actually ripped the wires both out of the house and out of the pole. Apparently the breaker on the pole is damaged. So the tree needs to be removed, the power company needs to fix the box, and they told us we needed to get a private electrician to repair the connection to our house. And here's the kicker: they won't do anything until the tree is gone and the connections to the house are fixed.


Long story short, what should've been a relatively mild occurrence is turning in to us being without power for likely several days. And with the temperature plummeting again...yikes. Fun stuff.


Now here's how you know I'm a Rangers fan: the first thing I did when the power went out? Before the sump pump, my grandmother's electric recliner, and the refrigerators? I rigged up the generator to our DirecTV receiver and the television to make sure I'll be able to watch tonight's game.


It's just obnoxious, apparently in a town of 6,000 people, we're part of the 0.62% that lost power last night. Everyone on our street still has it.


Anyway, that's the end of my rant. Anyone else get hit by the storm last night?

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We had some "moderate" creek flooding around here. This pedestrian bridge for the trail is normally 10' above the creek.




This creek has had moderate/severe flooding 3-4x in the past 2 years. Quite remarkable. So many extreme events.

Last night was a strong cold front (temperatures in the 60s/70s ahead of it in January!!!!!). The rain and wind generated was serious.

This the ground was frozen from the big chill last week, most of the rain water ran off instead of absorbing into the ground.

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