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Mike Francesa screws up super bowl contest


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Know a lot of you aren't Francesa fans so you should get a kick out of this. Every year Mike runs a contest where if you answer 4 questions right you win a trip to the big game. Its always 3 trivia questions and the last question is a soundbite of some NFLer and you have to name whoever was in the soundbite. Anyway this after noon Mike loses track of what question he is on and basically hands Chris from New Haven a $10,500 vacation.

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He's a dick. Half his show is him repeating himself over and over and over again, he just likes to hear himself.


yea the way he repeats himself over and over over is mind numbing. He'll make a point to someone and spend several minutes just going over what he said and doing it over again. I honestly think he does it to just fill up his air time since his show is on for so long.

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