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New York Comic Con: October 11th-14th

High and Wide

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Is anyone going on any of the days? I'm going tomorrow with Jules' sister and I know a few people who are going over the weekend. Tomorrow Kevin Smith, Christopher Lloyd, Seth Green, Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) are going to be there. And for any Walking Dead fans, they are going to be streaming the panel live on Saturday.


Has anyone ever gone to one of these?

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I really wanted to go after having gone to Celebration VI in Orlando which was for Star Wars. I figured this would be easy to go to because of proximity, but I never ended up getting the Saturday tickets I wanted so I completely gave up. It's also a good thing I'm not going because I've had a ton of work dropped on me for school this upcoming weekend.


I hope whoever is going enjoys it though.

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I've gotta say, I never understood the hype of these events. Now having attended, it is totally worth it.


- The event employees were great. Not at all rude as I was expecting from a NY event. The food selection at Javitz is pretty good. The center itself is pretty cool.

- The show floor is insane. The vendors do a fantastic job with their own set-ups.

- The major booths like Lego, Nintendo, Marvel, DC, Legendary, and the many video game set ups were phenomenal. They really drew you in.

- All of the smaller vendors were helpful and were very attentive.

- The Autographing/Photo-ops section had pretty good flow to it. The actors/writers who were signing spent enough time with you for it to be worth it, but kept the lines flowing as well.

- There were tons of presentations being done at various times during the day, which were great for killing some in between time.

- The two panels we went to were pretty cool. Comic Book Men with Kevin Smith was awesome. The guy was exactly how I imagined him to be. He really did a great job answering questions, as well as the other panel members from the show. The Silent Hill 3D panel was pretty cool too. Not as interesting as the first one, but Kit Harington was there and the director of that movie, Michael Bassett, did a nice job fielding all of the questions from the video game die-hards.

- My favorite booth was Cyanide and Happiness. I ended up buying a t-shirt and a poster, and with it the artists did a custom sketch. It was hysterical how they did it. You had to choose two random topics from a box and that was what they drew.


Seriously though, for the diversity of the convention, I could see myself doing this annually. If you like anything in the entertainment world, you will find a reason to go. Its not just comics, not just anime, not just video games. Its really an insane combination of all of those and more. Glad I got my nerd out :D

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