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Artist Takes Different Drugs for 45 days; makes self portraits for each day

Ba Ba Bluey

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For several weeks artist Bryan Lewis Saunders allegedly took a different drug or a mixed combination of different drugs every day for 45 days and made portraits of himself while under the influence for each daily drug experience. Some of the drugs artist Bryan Lewis Saunders took are ambien, abilify, nicotine gum, crystal meth, marijuana resin, cocaine, computer duster, mushrooms, and others to complete these 45 self portraits while under the influence.


http://bryanlewissaunders.org/drugs/ (Link to his site)


Could be real, could be bullshit...Pretty crazy either way.

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Eh...Oxycodone and a morphine drip are essentially the same thing. A lot of what people call "heroin" that you find on the streets is in reality just dried out morphine. The actual drug heroin, as it was decades ago, is almost non-existant nowadays.


I assume that's the situation in the US, because in The Netherlands what little drug problems we have revolve around homeless heroin junks who use the real deal.

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