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not a Modern Family fan?


Meh. I've seen it a few times. It's kinda funny, but mostly I'm bored by it. I did like that show that came on before it though — the one with the janitor from Scrubs, but I think that's only because the little kid in it is so weird.

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Anybody else watch this? Season just ended. Amazing show! Second best thing on tv this season after Game of Thrones imo. Highly recommend it.



It's funny because I wanted to watch this show so badly (while my girlfriend didn't) and now she watches it and I don't.


For some reason, I didn't get interested in it after a few episodes.


But I did hear it was pretty good.


I read somewhere that they are putting a new show on ABC called 666 Park avenue that might be airing on Sundays along with Revenge, so I believe they are makiing a 2nd season and following through with it

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